My Redeemer, redeem me, for I am yours; the one who has come forth from you.
You are my mind; bring me forth!
You are my treasure house; open for me!
You are my fullness; take me to you!
You are repose; give me the perfect thing that cannot be grasped!

"The life of a saint is not the life of a great man or woman, but of God's life in an ordinary man or woman."
Tense shoulders are a barricade, protecting ego from anything that may potentially threaten it.
Instead of curling up like a dormouse into the comfort of opinion, open out into the world of energy and spirit. It's much more interesting. And you never know, you may even glimpse God – when you least expect it. Grace befalls always when you least expect it.
this humble project of transformation


"the instantaneous surprise of an Other"

"They are perhaps unwavering and fixed and my fitful perceiving the cause of their inconstancy."
Becoming energy, where energy is simply movement – a wave passing through a vast population called a body – a Mexican wave – becoming swarm. This precedes spiritual work otherwise it's all in the head.
"Human evolution is itself, I suppose, a process of becoming divine."
Never worry unduly about what other people think or say about you. If they are negative the chances are they are either not getting what they want out of you, or you are not conforming to their value system, either of which should indicate that you're getting something right.
"Divine Love is the surrender of self."

It's really very very simple. Jesus lives in your heart, Satan in your head. Whom do you love the most? If you say the heart (the centre of which is always God, whichever way you look at it) then invest a little time each day proving it, because the rest of the time you're confirming the opposite. And if you refuse this challenge then you're full of shit.
If the work doesn't bring you low then it's just another ego trip.
Be gracious, not greedy.


Always aware of the medium we breathe and move through, the forces that operate (especially gravity) and the passage of time. This is humility, or what The Cloud of Unknowing calls imperfect meekness, imperfect only because it is not the be all and end all. Perfect meekness is the spark and dance of spirit within this mindful continuum which your bountiful compassion triggers and stimulates. Humility only comes with subduing the Adamic ego – heroically tackling original sin.
stifled by the anxieties, wealth and gaieties of time