Familiarity breeds contempt. It’s the unfamiliar, the unknown, the unbeknownst that keeps us fresh and on our toes. This is a principle that works at every level. So, as practice provides facility and expertise and the possibility of careless ease, there should be a scouting spirit always at play, on the look out for the next problem that will change everything.

Not more of the same but different. Unless you’re content with a war of attrition.
Treading on hoarfrost
Solid ice will come.

sitting in the dusk 
duration becomes substance 
you could lay your hand on it
When personal profit is the prime motivator in society then technological profligacy, overconsumption and overpopulation are bound to result: a plethora of things. This all relies on division of labour: an army of others making and providing what I consume. If I were only allowed to consume what I can grow and make then things would be very different. Spiritual work has such self-sufficiency at its core. As my teacher used to say: I can't do the work for you, and if I could, I wouldn't.
The ability, on the one hand, to attend the minutiae of the moment whilst, on the other, slipping into long time – ancestral time – dream time. Front brain and back brain.


The Weekend Workshop Syndrome:

a tendency to hanker after new experience whilst eschewing both depth and commitment, in the deluded hope that this indicates progress along a spiritual path.
The Truth must dazzle gradually 
Or every man be blind

All I ask is that we compare human consciousness with spirochete ecology.
The opposite of mindfulness is forgetfulness, the tragic flaw of man.
If strength allows you to be careless then better without it.
​Don’t just consume, give back – change!
​Matter is merely mind deadened by the development of habit to the point where the breaking up of these habits is very difficult.

Practice breaks up bad habits and reinforces good ones. The teacher provides tools, moral guidance and encouragement through example.
Destined to stand between Heaven and Earth, forgetting fears and aspirations, trusting what’s in store.
Drop the body, lift the spirit and go!

​Let's face it, nothing could be as tedious as what goes on inside our heads.