This life that struggles to connect yet always returns to separation.
Gaze into the eyes of the other and what do you see? Your own reflection. It's inescapable.

Blessed with difficulties.
Thinking is akin to murder: it may seem to solve a problem but the consequences are dire.
Meditation is concerned with movement through time – with process. How do I pass from this moment to the next? We recommend what I call 'becoming amoeba': breaking open and spilling into the unfolding future. This requires full attention to the present moment itself rather than its contents, the sort of attention you only seem to get for extended periods with those with severe disabilities or painful illness/injury, where each breath, each movement, each moment is a laboured ordeal requiring utmost concentration. Such people are really present, and although they may start off angry or bitter or frightened or just plain sorry for themselves, these emotions quickly dissipate since they don't help – they do nothing but waste energy – a luxury ill afforded. And because such people are getting something fundamental right, which most of us get fundamentally wrong, their company should be sought and treasured rather than shunned.


a simplicity, an impoverished surface


Spirit changes everything.

Thinking is fine but to put any real store by it – how stupid can you get?
The beauty of mistakes is that they often reveal a deeper truth lurking beneath the surface. The Freudian slip.
No one to blame but myself. This one really sucks.
We never know, we can never know. So is all we can do is do knowing that that doing will make good in time. This the rationale and reason to practice.
So what is it all about? This strange phenomenon called life? What is the meaning of it all? To become animal, or angel, or, preferably, both. To investigate extremes through acts of spirit, rather than stay fearfully stuck in the boring middle. To access and put to use your inner power which is always a power to become, a power to change, a power to switch dimensions, to flip realities and suddenly BE. To confront death, not at some future date but NOW, fully awake and fully alive, and scream FUCK YOU!


The student must realise that it is her readiness brought about by her own hardwork that stimulates the next stage of the teaching to reveal itself. The teacher has very little say in the matter. Without that hardwork it will, week in week out, become very monotonous. Some students prefer things this way – it's less threatening than the challenge of something new – but I can assure you the teacher doesn't.
It would be nice to have a few real students – ones that practice – but from what I hear this is the sentiment of most teachers nowadays.
If the student needs explanations then they're not ready to be taught.
Our technologies haven't just enslaved us, they have moulded us into willing slaves. They have made us totally dependent.
I am an optimist because I believe in spirit, yet a pessimist since I don't believe in humanity. We are nothing special, and the sooner we get our childish minds around that fact the sooner we can get on with this project of presenting our spirit to life.